By Douglas W. Daech

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Warp is a fast paced Sci-fi adventure about back engineering a ufo. Corporate espionage, suspense and romance complicate matters.

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Haunted Romance is a murder mystery and a love story in one!

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The city of Seedy Hills is plagued by vampires, ghosts, ufo's and even bigfoot. Follow the local reporter who investigates all the crazy stories around town.

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Short stories in sci-fi that remind you of the old time classic adventures of yesteryear! Available for most ebook readers at

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After a string of murders only one man sees the connection, but it is too strange to believe. Get Sunset of Dreams now at 


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In Strings Attached a rare guitar is stolen and the search is on to recover it. But not everyone is looking for the same thing! 

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Release Date Oct. 31st

A modern day story that puts Evil back into the Vampire! Release Date Oct 31, 2017

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